I promise I’m not a neglectful blog owner. This message has been popping up for the past few weeks. Have any of you guys ever gotten this message before?

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brentanna on instagram. Part 3                                                                   

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brentanna sorry confessions haven't been posted i keep trying but it doesn't work :C also i accidentally reblogged this onto my main blog oops 
pottergeekelyn7 asked:
Idk about posting pictures but last night (9:30 PM GMT+1) I couldn't at all go to any tumblr or my dashboard.

Thank you, sweetie!

So due to tumblr being down at the time the confessions usually go up, I’ll be extending the deadline to Sunday. (Because extended deadlines are cool). Submit your confessions and final confessions go up on Sunday!

P.S Tumblr please cooperate on behalf of the EA fandom xo

Edit: I am unable to post, I am currently analyzing if it’s my computer or if it’s my blog. Stay tuned for this thrilling saga

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For some reason, tumblr isn’t letting me post photos right now. Is anyone else having the same problem?

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Hey guys!

As Emma Approved has currently come to an end, the regularly updated confessions will come to an end as well.

The final confessions will go up on Friday. We currently have a few in the inbox, feel free to submit more! 

And don’t forget to check out the Frankenstein MD confession blog! 


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Knighthouse Haiku


Nonsensical girl
And her knight in khaki pants
Is Emma Approved

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Submission #6


Type: Graphic

Side note: The author would like everyone to know the screencaps are courtesy of  grandecaps and the song lyrics are from Watsky’s “Sloppy Seconds.”

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Anonymous asked:
Wait. Is this over over? If so, that was a lame ending.

Bernie Su recently posted on his blog about the future of Emma Approved, which you can see here.

I hope this helps! (:

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Hello, EA fans!

By a mutual decision, we’ve decided to extend the giveaway until Sunday.

This gives you five extra days to send in submissions.

If you’re not sure if your preferred form of a submission would be accepted, feel free to send a message through our ask box.

Here’s a link to the giveaway prizes 

And we’d like to thank the awesome fans who have already sent in submissions, everything looks fantastic! :)

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I wish that they had put in an episode or a scene of Jane and Harriet’s relationship.”

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I want a season 2 of Emma Approved so badly! My theory for the delay is that Pemberley Digital is still assessing how much the fans want it. i mean, the views aren’t as explosive as LBD’s, so production costs have to be considered and they have to test the waters. But I sure hope they decide to continue it. It’s just too beautiful to be left just like that”

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I think my Tuesdays and Fridays (since I live in Australia) are going to be a lot more boring now…”

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I love how Alex and Emma’s banter just got a lot cuter when they got together”

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I thought the cranes would’ve been sweeter if they used different type of papers like a flyer for a concert, or spreadsheets. Idk.”

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Fun fact: The cranes were all made by fans at Vidcon 2014!

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Emma and Alex are just the perfect couple. <3”

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