"Everyone deserves a Harriet! (Except Wickham)"

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I am on vacation and don’t have wifi so I can’t watch EA without going into town. My mom and I are went into town today solely to watch the newest episode and we are planning to do the same on Thursday.”

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**I hope you have a lovely vacation! (:

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At first I thought the front of Emma’s shirt today was a giant bib while eating her ice cream.”

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You can buy Emma’s pullover here and see her full outfit here.

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"I love how Harriet asked herself what Alex would do."

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I loved seeing Harriet help Emma for once.”

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The double standard astounds me. Jane’s slammed for standing up to Emma, who has made snarky digs about her on her show and on her blog, ignored her discomfort with the cameras, pried into her private life, spied on her, insulted her aunt, and (admittedly, this one Emma doesn’t know), flirted with her boyfriend. Now she’s criticized because she didn’t grow in the 10 episodes she’s been in. Meanwhile, it took *months* for Emma to show any growth, and she did far worse things than Jane.”

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Maddy pinchin’ the cheeks!

Of all the Boxx photos on their website, the ones of Maddy mushing the guys’ faces were my favorites.  I love the looks on their faces and how much she enjoys loving on the guys.  I want to be Maddy when I grow up.

They can’t do anything about it except let it happen.  It’s awesome.

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Head canon: Next episode, after Emma makes up with Maddy and the latter leaves, Emma is sitting silently in her office when Harriet intercoms her, hesitantly asking, “Emma?… Alex is here. Should I let him in?” And meanwhile Alex is listening in as Harriet intercoms Emma, his heart breaking because he was never refrained from seeing Emma before, and the hesitance in Harriet’s voice makes him realize how much damage he has done to the most important person in his life. 

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I was talking to Emma Approved Moments last night and she started to sound a lot like someone we all know and love…

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Anonymous asked:
I found this in the EA tag and found it relevant: Confession: I think confession blogs only serve to stoke fandom tensions by giving people a space to say horrible and/or passive aggressive things without having to face the fallout by assigning their urls to it.

I’m so sorry you feel this way. As a confession fanblog, it’s my responsibility to post all confessions, even if I don’t agree with them. Sometimes it’s just as hard for me to edit them onto images as it is for you to read them.

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Announcement! New blog and more!

As you know, Pemberley Digital’s next hit series is called “Frankenstein MD” and will premiere August 19th.

Everyone is gearing up for the series, and people have already created blogs dedicated to it!

There is a new confessions blog for the series (not run by me) and they’ve already posted their first confession! So go check it out and send them your thoughts, feelings, and wishes for Frankenstein MD! :)

Here’s the link.

Also, Emma Approved Moments and I will be making a big announcement soon, so stay tuned! :)

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The acting in this episode was absolutely phenomenal, from everyone involved”

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Jane’s gone? Good riddance! A good character in a story requires more than a plot role, she needs character growth. We see none in Jane’s character here. She came in as a closed-mouthed do-gooder with a chip on her shoulder, she leaves as a pissed-off closed-mouth do-gooder wearing that chip as a badge. That’s not growth.”

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I don’t know if I can do that, but I’d like to answer a comment that has been made on one of the confessions. That comment is the one that Maddy and Jane didn’t went behind Emma’s back, but just tried to rectify what they thought was a mistake. While this might be plausible, the right thing to do would have been to go see Emma and ask her about the jams. They probably had an idea of what happened and went behind her back to protect themselves… They should have asked before doing anything.”

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I think Alex is spending some time out in Joshua Tree National Park rock climbing as his way of dealing with his disappointment in Emma.”

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